The one time that I almost made it.

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Okay, so this happened a long time ago when I was working for a multinational company where I really thought I had it made. Today, there are many times when I really wonder what would have happened if I could have stuck to that job till today, where I would be, what I may have been designated etc. etc.

Without taking any names of companies or people, let us say that I worked for a company called ABC Ltd and that my direct boss was the CFO of the company, Say, Mr. A. The local Branch Accountant, Say, Mr. B. was an old and very versatile politically correct individual who had dominated that branch for more than 10 odd years. My appointment was made as Assistant Branch Accountant and my job was to ultimately replace him, which I did successfully. It took time and a lot of hard work, including setting up a UNIX based system at the branch level, which used to cover another city as well. It was said that at that time, this branch alone accounted for more than 25% of all-india sales of the company, which was marginally less than our regional headquarters which accounted for slightly more than 30% of all-india sales. Yes, you heard that right, this branch and the regional headquarters accounted for approximately half the country’s sales at that point of time. Then came the big blow, my boss got replaced by a young upstart who took it into his head that I was against him (which I really wasn’t, ever) and he appointed a lesser qualified person as my boss and made me in charge of just computers and EDP for the entire area covered by the two branches. Well, being professionally qualified and under the advice of my local branch manager, I resigned and left the company.

Had I stuck on, where would I have reached? That is a question that knows no answers.



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Predictable Obnoxious Behaviour of FB – Insulting!

I daresay, if there was any doubt in my mind that #Facebook is a helpful place, or that the administrator(s) of that place are helpful, let it be clear to all, it is clear that they have a definite bias against India – this is NOT a Hate Post, just a factual representation of what has been happening to me since last two months, it is still not over. Thanks, just read my last submission, which yet again, failed to evoke any response from these people!! Cheers!! 😀😀😀😀


“If I have proved my identity to you in one way, and choose to activate another profile, honestly declaring it to be at par with this one on my wall, you have no right, in fact are insulting me by asking me to prove my identity, when you know it is indeed me, who has sent you that very same picture vide private message and cannot be anyone else posting to my wall. I don’t care if your computer system got confused. Your people should have taken care. Anyways, came back just to say this. Am now quitting permanently with no regrets, after deactivating my account. Feel free to delete my Original Created Content, because I am NEVER going to access it anyhow. CA Vikram S. Mathur (”


Where is Ashwathama now? Quora

Ashwathama_0He was cursed around 3200 BC on last day of Mahabharata war, the curse to be on earth till end of the Kaliyuga of present Kalpa.

Very few people/saints doing Narmada river parikrama have seen him or meet him in Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary which is spread across MP and Gujarat. He had helped them or saved some of their life’s and then became invisible like a super hero. He doesn’t talk to anyone and people who saw him have seen big mark on his forehead.

How does Ashwathama look, still it is not cleared as encounter has happened with him was so fast that people would have merely recalled.

Ashwathama is known as partial incarnation of lord Shiva and has attained very high level in spritiuality in these 5000+ years of his life. He is also destined to be one of the Saptarishi in next Kalpa.

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Shri Kailash Behari Mathur Cremated Today

Shri K. B. Mathur (KB Uncle) Cremated Today.

With great sorrow and with a very heavy heart, we bid goodbye to the recently departed soul of a once very cheerful and jovial personality, Shri Kailash Behari Mathur, or KB Uncle, as both my wife and I used to address him as. He had been keeping quite ill lately, and had become quite frail and thin, especially after Holi’2017.

The cremation took place today morning at 11:30 Hours IST at Thaltej Crematorium. These photos were taken at his house, just prior to his last journey on Earth.

May God Rest his soul in peace. Amen.

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CAVSM Auditor, Analyst


CAVSM Auditor, Analyst

 CAVSM Auditor, Analyst is the Facebook Page that has been created by me to address some issues on any form of Audit, be it Concurrent Audit, Tax Audit, Statutory Audit or Internal Audit etc.

This page is quite distinct from the CAVSM Audit Services that I also maintain. This page deals with the #Services provided by the group concerns, while the former deals with only issues relating to audit as such. You can click the image below to head over there, Cheers !!