Lord Shiv Shankar Mahadev

Lord Shiv Shankar Mahadev has always been a well-loved deity in my family. Said to be called the “Destroyer” from amongst the Triumvate of Gods, or Mahesh of the “Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh” trio, legend has it that at the time of the “Amrit-Manthan” a huge cache of deadly poison was released, which was drunk by Lord Shiv Shankar in order to save mankind at large, giving him a permanent blue color, especially noticeable on his neck, hence the name “Neelkanth”. Also is said to possess the dreaded “Third-Eye” in the middle of his forehead, which opens when the Lord is very angry and can reduce to ashes anything that falls in it’s path, so fiery it’s gaze is reckoned to be.

Well, there are a lot of stories about the Lord. This being just the introduction page, shall leave the stories for the posts. Har Har Mahadev !!