Shri Kailash Behari Mathur Cremated Today

Shri K. B. Mathur (KB Uncle) Cremated Today.

With great sorrow and with a very heavy heart, we bid goodbye to the recently departed soul of a once very cheerful and jovial personality, Shri Kailash Behari Mathur, or KB Uncle, as both my wife and I used to address him as. He had been keeping quite ill lately, and had become quite frail and thin, especially after Holi’2017.

The cremation took place today morning at 11:30 Hours IST at Thaltej Crematorium. These photos were taken at his house, just prior to his last journey on Earth.

May God Rest his soul in peace. Amen.

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CAVSM Auditor, Analyst


CAVSM Auditor, Analyst

 CAVSM Auditor, Analyst is the Facebook Page that has been created by me to address some issues on any form of Audit, be it Concurrent Audit, Tax Audit, Statutory Audit or Internal Audit etc.

This page is quite distinct from the CAVSM Audit Services that I also maintain. This page deals with the #Services provided by the group concerns, while the former deals with only issues relating to audit as such. You can click the image below to head over there, Cheers !!


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Today I am happy to announce that the aforesaid organisation has made me a voluntary honorary member of their organisation, and I have gladly accepted the same. Both their conditions for prior approval of anyone becoming a member of their organiszation were acceptable to me, namely (a) There should be no affiliation to any political party, and (b) No desire to contest in any of the elections held by the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi) was acceptable to me. And so it came to be that I am accepted as their member.

I would recommend my own design as their logo, as set out below:

All India CA Association

All India CA Association

Thank you one and all from my CA Fraternity for this unique honor bestowed upon me.