Where is Ashwathama now? Quora

Ashwathama_0He was cursed around 3200 BC on last day of Mahabharata war, the curse to be on earth till end of the Kaliyuga of present Kalpa.

Very few people/saints doing Narmada river parikrama have seen him or meet him in Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary which is spread across MP and Gujarat. He had helped them or saved some of their life’s and then became invisible like a super hero. He doesn’t talk to anyone and people who saw him have seen big mark on his forehead.

How does Ashwathama look, still it is not cleared as encounter has happened with him was so fast that people would have merely recalled.

Ashwathama is known as partial incarnation of lord Shiva and has attained very high level in spritiuality in these 5000+ years of his life. He is also destined to be one of the Saptarishi in next Kalpa.

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