When Not to be Proud of Your Professional Accomplishments

Have always believed that I am capable of doing much more hard work than I actually do. 🙂 – Which is not to say that I am actually happy about this situation. many times one lands up in a situation where one thinks to oneself “Hey, how nice if I could be as busy as my friend XYZ or ABC!”, but these things are not in one’s own hands, at least not always.

Résumé the Story

There are plenty of instances in which you should be proud of your professional accomplishments. And why not, you worked hard for them? You came in early, stayed late, and after months, or even years, of hard work, you finally achieved something important within the context of your insignificant job, and that’s certainly something to hoorah about. But then there are those little moments, those moments of true, unadulterated insignificance, in which there really is no reason to celebrate, or pat yourself on the back, or even reward yourself in any way whatsoever because it was simply your job, and doing your job is not an accomplishment.

If you’ve been working in your position for years without a single promotion or added amount of responsibility, and have been doing the same things for all those years on end, then you’ve accomplished nothing. You can’t substitute the sadness of the monotony…

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