About Recession in the Industry (Mostly, Ahmedabad related)

About Recession in the Industry (Mostly, Ahmedabad related)

I was informed by a learned colleague that at the present moment (as I write, it is on December 21st, 2013), there are approximately 7500 Chartered Accountants in this city of Ahmedabad. Way back on 25th August, 2012, the issue of unemployed Chartered Accountants in our city was taken up by Ahmedabad Mirror (Click on picture to view) titled “No takers for CAs”.

This article is not to blame anyone for what has occurred to the 320 meritorious students who had passed the attempt of the final examinations held by ICAI, and nor am I holding the government responsible. The point that I want the readers of this article to understand is this: Are we, the public, not also responsible for the tremendous outflux of talented people from our beloved city of Ahmedabad to other countries and other cities (like, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, for example)?

Agreed that the government does play a role in creating new jobs for Information Technology and its related avenues, and also agreed that with the new technological advances taking place in the governmental sectors like Income-Tax, Ministry of Company Affairs and the Banking Sectors, most of the work that we CA’s do is also dependent on that particular sector. But are we, the common people, who live in this city, also not aware of the immense talent-bank that our state (of Gujarat) and more specifically, Ahmedabad generates each and every year?

At this point of time, you can see from the photograph on the left, even I am depicted as sitting with my chin resting on my hand. That wistful smile on my face should reveal that I am aware that I am capable of doing far more than what I actually find myself doing in the whole day. Even if there is not much that I can do about it, I hope the powers that be are understanding and realising that the talent that this state and more specifically, our city of Ahmedabad possesses, is a real eye-opener, and I am really hoping that one of them manages to find my wordpress site and read this article and actually do something about it.

Thank you for a patient reading. (I am so relieved after getting that lot off my chest !! 🙂 )


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