Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

If you have landed at this page thinking that this article is about the Television Serial on the Colors Channel, think again. Though in this article I shall be dealing with an almost similar topic, one that has always been very close to my heart, but for some reason or the other, I always seem to be physically very distant from this topic. Almost a month back, I have posted one blog at another blog site, which by the way is located at Vikram Shankar Mathurs Blogger Page in which I had posted some thoughts on the Valentine’s Day.

This time there is no particular reference to any festival or holiday, but just a collection of some random thoughts that have been occupying my mind since the last few years. I am not talking about any one person in particular, and if  on a reading of this article, it seems to the reader  that I am talking about him / her, it should appeal to them that the collection of my thoughts are so general in nature that it can apply to almost any one!!

The storyline of the serial Yeh pyaar na hoga kam (as mentioned on the wiki page) is not what I am talking about, friends, rather, it is a somewhat fictionalized version of the story of my own life, in my own words. Autobiography, did I hear any one say?? I think not, because there is more fiction than fact in my story. And by the way, there is no fun in writing about the life that has gone by – why not spice it up a bit with some adventure?


me start from about the time that one starts going to college and one meets that one girl who is able to set your heart aflutter just with a flick of her hair, a smile from her means the world to you and for whom one is willing to go to any lengths to prove anything .. yes, that is right, anything. So did I do all these things? Well, if my memories serve me well, a certain guy I know must have been the only guy in college whose professor had to send out of class because his girlfriend created such a ruckus out side the class room, whistling and gesturing so wildly that finally the teacher noticed and remarked that it would be better that one person go out of class and let the others continue with their studies!! Some guys never really have to work too hard to win over a maiden’s heart, most unlike the general public, who many a times actually does so many things for the hottie, but she never really plays by his rules, rather she swiftly specifies her own rules at the drop of a hat!!

Shall continue this post with the second part tomorrow, so see ya, alligator !!

Vikram Shankar Mathur

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